Re: [Gimp-gui] Tool Options - proposal to new ordering of features

On 11/08/2015 01:01 PM, Jehan wrote:
The way I foresee would be at some point in some (likely distant)
future, we could have a powerful API allowing people to update the UI.
And when this happens, maybe it would allow to reorder options or other
things. Then users would just have to download a plugin (because if the
API allows it, there will be someone making a plugin to change the UI).

The idea of being able to reorder the tool options for a given tool to suit one's personal workflow, that makes a lot of sense. Would this be incredibly difficult to program?

Tools and tool options should facilitate rather than impede the flow of work, and GIMP is used by a very diverse group of people for very diverse workflows. So a fixed order that makes everyone happy is maybe not even possible.

Americo would find a particular order convenient for painting, and I suspect his suggeted order makes sense for a lot of other people who use GIMP for painting.

Speaking as a photographer, for the dodge/burn tool I'd really like to put the options that are currently at the very bottom, instead at the very top.

Other examples from other tools and workflows would be easy to find.


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