Re: [Gimp-gui] Make the selected tool default to the Color Picker instead of the last tool used


On 2015-11-05 21:24, Elle Stone wrote:
I went into Preferences and put every possible tool in the toolbox and
checked to see what happens upon hovering over the image.

I've created this Wiki page where I reported your very helpful list:

My proposition (basically yours too) is that every tool could consistently have an icon (top-right of the cursor) unless they already have a unique and recognizable icon. Also they should have status text, as you note too.

I will pass this through Mitch to validate but I'm pretty sure he will agree (or you can answer, if you read this, Mitch). This is quite simple and straightforward but meaningful.

So now what we miss are the texts and the missing icons (which would likely be nearly the same ones as the toolbox version, but monochrome). See under cursors/ directory for style and size. Basically you will see various icons like tool-*.png. Let's make the missing ones (like tool-brightness-contrast.png, etc.).

Anyone up to the task?
Icon and text contributors are welcome. :-)


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