Re: [Gimp-gui] Make the selected tool default to the Color Picker instead of the last tool used


On 2015-11-05 15:34, Elle Stone wrote:
On 11/03/2015 01:07 PM, Jehan wrote:

On 2015-11-03 18:36, Elle Stone wrote:
This is a change to the GIMP user interface that I've wanted for a
long time. It probably would only benefit people who use the Color
Picker a lot.

There are so many different type of users, I seriously doubt it is
possible to select *one* tool as being the most common case. And if we
were, the color picker would not be my choice. Users of paint tools
would very often use ctrl-click in place of running the color picker,
for instance.

Of course, as a choice (as you propose below), why not, of course.

When you use a tool, say Curves, and the operation completes, and then
you click on the canvas again, Curves pops up again, unless you
remember to pick a different tool.

Doesn't it become an habit to switch tools without even thinking about
it? Especially when you are a daily user, it seems strange reading that
you forget to pick the tool.

It does seem strange, because I've been using GIMP a lot over the last
couple of years. So yesterday I worked on an image, trying to figure
out when/where/why I lost track of which tool is selected.

When working on an image, sometimes it seems like I use the Color
Picker after just about every editing operation. Having to
deliberately click on the tool icon to rechoose the Color Picker of
itself is tedious. But I can ease that issue by assigning (and using)
a keyboard shortcut.

Here's what seems to be the real problem:

For many tools, including Curves and Levels, the selected tool's
Cursor doesn't actually appear until I "touch" the canvas, at which
point the last-used operation dialog pops up and I have to dismiss
that dialog and then choose the Color Picker.

I'm wondering if the issue in your specific example is not rather than
the cursor of "Curves" is nearly the same as the cursor of the "Color
Picker" (a small pipette)? Maybe this is confusing?

Yes, the Curves Cursor is nearly the same as the Color Picker Cursor,
and this is confusing.

Almost never do I actually want to use same tool that I just used,
immediately again.

Well once again, that depends on users and even more on which tools.
Paint tools are again a good case where people use them again and again
in the row (unless your art is "calligraphy" maybe, you don't paint a
full artworks in a single stroke).

Maybe some digital painters might like to have the option to choose to
have the selected tool default to a brush, but probably not. When I
use Krita to paint, I wouldn't want the color picker tool to
automatically switch back to the brush. So I think my suggestion for a
global default tool really isn't such a good idea.

Also I have a behavior/spec question for the feature. Let's take your
"Curves" tool example.
Let's say I changed my mind after having run curves and I want to redo
the curves processing differently. So I cancel (ctrl-z). When the user
selected your "default tool" option (so now this default tool is the
selected one), what should be the tool selected after canceling? Still
the default tool, or should GIMP switch back to curves?

That's a good question, to which there doesn't seem to be a good
answer. So here's how I think the issue of remembering which tool was
last used maybe could be addressed:

It would help a lot if the Color Picker Cursor were changed, or rather
preferably change the Curves cursor and keep the Color Picker Cursor
the same.

I see 2 ways to do this. Either we could keep the color picker cursor and add a cursor modifier, like for instance the color picker tool has the small white and black fg/bg squares just above the pipette cursor. Or we make a full cursor of its own, specific to curves but still with the idea of color picking. I would suggest you (or other artists reading this list) to propose something in one or another way. :-) You can find all cursors and cursor modifiers under cursors/ in the source tree.

Of course, I could ask someone, and I would if there is no proposition, but one of the points of this list is also for getting non-developers to contribute. Because we all make GIMP. :-)

Only limitation is to stay in a similar design, of course.

It would help a lot (this would be the key change) if the selected
tool's Cursor could immediately display "on hover",  *before* clicking
on the canvas, for more tools, specifically including Levels, Curves,
Desaturate, and other tools with icons that can be put in the toolbox.

For me, this is an obvious bug. The Curves tool was not considered "enabled" at selection but at initialization (which happened only when you start computing, i.e. at the first click). Fixed with commits 011c6db for Curves.

Desaturate on the other hand does not have any cursor here, which may seem understandable since it does not look like it has a lot of interaction on canvas. Does it have a special cursor in your case? As for Levels, the cursor changes only when you explicitly check one of the "Pick white/black/grey point" button, and disappears after, which seems reasonable and consistent to me.
Did I miss something for these 2 tools?


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