Re: [Gimp-developer] [GIMP-developer] Discontinuation of mailing lists and moving to Discourse

gimp-developer-list gnome org (2022-10-22 at 0839.17 -0500):
While wandering around the new site, yes, it shows "This topic will
close 14 days after the last reply." near the bottom of threads.

This is entirely a site setting that can be changed by the admins of the
I believe the Gnome administrator considered it here:

Interesting that the reason for so short open time is lack of
moderators, then say that moderators can be contacted to reopen

Couple of posts there reasoned that some months would be more useful.

The point is to avoid bumping necro-threads - it's easy enough to start a
new topic and link/reference the previous topic (or individual posts) as

Do posters remember to make the proper reference? Do people involved
in the closed thread get notified in that case? Or in the case that
the message is edited later to add the reference (or tags that were
not added properly at creation time)? Is the world moving so fast that
14-30 days are necro now? Hey, look, a squirrel!!!

Last post in thread mentioned an idea to smooth all this a bit (add
"New Linked Topic"). Page says closed while showing Reply button, so
it got implemented but forgot to label it properly, or there is
another kind of bug.


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