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On Fri, 21 Oct 2022 11:25:05 -0500 Pat David via gimp-developer-list <gimp-developer-list gnome org> wrote:

It's worth noting that in general, you can use a Discourse forum _entirely_
in mailing-list mode if you want to.  That is, you'll still see emails
coming in from the system and can reply to them in your mail client of
On the backend, this translates into emails from you becoming forum posts
on discourse, and new posts showing up as new messages in your inbox.

We've got a bunch of users at pixls using it in mailing-list mode (myself
included for a while initially).

The caveat, of course, is that you'll still need to register for an account
on the forum in the first place (to provide your email address and set up
any settings you want initially).
Another caveat is that the forum administrators need to enable this as an
option - particularly for mailing *into* the forum to start a new topic (I
have this turned off be default on pixls but will enable it shortly for

Is it true that topics get auto-locked after few weeks? That doesn't
seem pretty smart in terms of software development or user support at
all, if it's true.
The same topic is discussed here and there, it's interesting (and a bit
scary) to see feedback coming from discourse users - currently I'm
following the midnight commander ML as well, hosted at for
historical reasons but definitely independent nowadays.



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