[Gimp-developer] Hello! I neeed help with the gimp-pencil function of Script-fu


I hope I found the right e-mail to ask. I've got just one question so I don't want to register on forums, maybe you could help me.

I'm writing a script on Script-fu for GIMP. There is this line in my code:

(gimp-pencil draw 2 #(500 1600))

It draws one small dot and does it well. But when I write it this way:

(gimp-pencil draw 2 #(s1x s2x))

... it returns error: "Error: Item 1 in vector is not a number (argument 3 for function gimp-pencil) #(s1x s2x) "

The variables themselves are passed to the script correctly, they took part in calculations before that line and gave the correct result, so I'm sure, that GIMP treats s1x and s2x as numbers.

So what am I doing wrong?


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