[Gimp-developer] Participation to GameDev room at FOSDEM


First of all I'm sorry if this was not the right place to send this email,
even though I believe it is addressed mostly to GIMP developers.

I am a member of Godot Engine's organization team for FOSDEM. We have been
granted with a "Game Developers" room at FOSDEM, taking place in Brussels,
Belgium, on February 1st and 2nd 2020.
Even though we proposed this developers room, it will be about "*Free and
Open Source Game Development"* at large and not focused on Godot Engine.

Thus, we are calling for participations aimed at Free Softwares projects,
involved closely or less closely in game development. These participations
would consist in technical-oriented presentations during the GameDev room:
game developers, game engine developers, tools developers are very welcome.

GIMP is the most used image processing Free Software for almost all usages.
Our lead developer Juan Linietsky presented a nice tutorial for creating
graphics and textures using GIMP last year during our Godot Engine annual
convention (
GIMP is one mandatory tool in game developers toolbox. We'd also be happy
to discuss your plans and your needs for GIMP development, and discuss
assets workflow and integration into game and game engines.

You'll find some details on our past news post:
https://godotengine.org/article/cfp-game-development-room-fosdem-2020. If
you wish, you can of course respond to this mail for more precisions before
applying on FOSDEM's Pentabarf.

Waiting for your reply,

Best regards,
Julian Murgia - Godot Engine

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