[Gimp-developer] Creating custom gegl filters

What is the most accessible way to create your own GEGL filters/graph using
existing operations? I don't mean writing the code in C. What I mean is to
write a GEGL graph, create a rudimentary input GUI and package it so it 
appears in "FIlters" menu? Essentially creating a custom plugin based on 
GEGL operations?

There's a "Filters-Generic-GEGL graph...", but that does not allow me to 
create custom input widgets for ease in production.

What I want is a series of levels, curves and channel and simple math
operations some with hard-set inputs, some with user selectable inputs. 
Preferably with a selectable layer in one of those operations.

Because until GIMP gets a proper adjustment layers (or even better, a
Blender-like node graph editor), this would be the closest way to approach
my needed workflow - with node graph predefined.


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