[Gimp-developer] Copying an .xcf file

Hello GIMP Developers,

My name is Nonso Iwu and I have been using GIMP to create portraits as an
online service.

Since I have to create multiple files for new portraits, I decided to
automate this process by adding a shell command to my machine using C. I
try to read the template .xcf file as a normal file (using fopen()) and
write the contents of that file into a new .xcf file (using fputc()). I
wait for an EOF character in order to indicate when to stop reading from
the file.

Essentially, I am trying to copy a template .xcf file and rename it.
However, whenever I perform these actions, the file is not copied
completely (an 500KB template producing a 1KB clone seems incorrect).

So my questions are:
Am I reading these .xcf files correctly?
Is there another way of reading these files?
Is there a library of functions for reading an .xcf?

Thank you all for your work on this open source project!

Awaiting your response,
Nonso Iwu

Nonso Iwu
Instagram: @zovirtuoso

*Tell your friends to request a portrait!*

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