[Gimp-developer] Usability request, step value on the slider widgets

Hello there,

I'm a very-happy user of Gimp 2.10.x now, but noticed there's an itchy
point in my production process, it's about usability, more precisely it
concerns the granularity of the new sliders widgets used, for instance,
in the Hue-Saturation dialog, to move the Hue, Lightness, Saturation
dialogs (and everywhere else).

If mastering those widgets was not trivial at once, compared to the
usual ones - the sensitivity is vertically split in two, both halves
behaving differently, they are better than the former ones, it took me
time to make my "hand" to it. The usability issue with them, is that
there is no more +10/-10 granularity when you use the mouse to click on
them, you cannot make the value jump by 10 left or right by other means
than reaching the widget using TAB key several times (if you directly
click it to put the focus, you'll modify the value - arg!) then
pressing page up/down.

Clicking with left or right button produces the same behaviour, whereas
clicking with right button could have been used to make the value
+10/-10 instead of the default behaviour (make the value to the exact
position clicked) - or using modifier keys.

Same, I though another step value could have been used w/ the arrows to
the right, but it's +1/-1, whatever you left or right click, with or
without modifiers keys. Here too, a shift click.

To summarize, if it's possible to use page up/page down to use a +10/10
value step, it would help to use an alternate click method to get the
same: in the widget band and on the right-side arrows. 

Any thought?



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