[Gimp-developer] developers communication

Hi devs,

I would like to know where the devs ml/channel/comunication/whatever
really is, because this, in my opinion, this seems not to be the case.

I hardly believe that all developing effort comunication pass by here,
since the message rate seems to be very low.

I am asking this clarification because as a translator I need to keep up
and follow the devs' going on discussions.

One question for all: is it just my impression or the 2.10 dev branch is
slowing down and the master branch accelerating? Are we next to a GIMP
3.x version? For this reason, is it better that I less and less dedicate
my time on the 2.10 branch and start focusing on the master branch?
Please give me some hint...

I am asking this because I use to compile GIMP from source to be able to
incrementally translate it just to be ready when it will come out the
next stable version. I always miss the string freeze period (if there was
any) since I never seen any "string freeze announcement" in this list
(another reason why it seems dead or unused at all by devs), therfore I
usually just try to keep up with the devs branchs to assure that when
some new GIMP version comes out, that is completely or almost
completely translated.

Please help me optimizing my translation support,



PS: sorry for my bad English, my Italian is way better... ;-)


Marco Ciampa

I know a joke about UDP, but you might not get it.


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