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On 10 Sep 2018, at 18:28, Ell <ell_se yahoo com> wrote:

A note to the developers: the current 2.10.x branch requires a quite
recent version of Glib, but only due to the use of a single function
in app/gui/splash.c, and only for diagnostics purposes. To circumvent
the problem and be able to use the older Glib version available on
CentOS 7, I am applying the following patch:

Is that OK?

This has already been fixed in the gimp-2-10 branch (master requires a
newer GLib version).  See commit

Excellent! The new Glib requirement is one of the reasons preventing me to
provide an AppImage for the master branch… I need to go through the
compilation of Glib from sources, and see if there are no showstoppers on
CentOS 7.

Also at some point, we should resume discussing making your package
upstream. It's hard to make time to discuss this, but this is probably
needed. Moreover lately the maintainer of the Snap package approached us to
make it upstream as well. So I thought this is the opportunity to discuss
about AppImage as well.



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