[Gimp-developer] GIMP 2.10.x AppImage packages

Dear all,

recently I have done additional work on the GIMP AppImage packages, trying to improve the compatibility with 
various linux distributions and improving the building/packaging scripts.

In a nutshell:
* I have moved the build environment to CentOS 7, which is based on glibc 2.17
* the whole appimage creation process now runs through a single bash script that can be executed inside a 
docker container. This means that the automated integration, now based on Travis CI, can be easily moved to 
any other system that supports Docker
* the appimage packages are now built in two flavours: one “bare” package that only provides GIMP, and a 
“full-featured” package that also contains few popular and useful plug-ins (including G’MIC-Qt)

The 2.10.7 packages are available for download from here: 

Running the AppImages is very simple:
* download the package
* make it executable via 
        chmod u+x
* run the package as any other Linux executable

A note to the developers: the current 2.10.x branch requires a quite recent version of Glib, but only due to 
the use of a single function in app/gui/splash.c, and only for diagnostics purposes.
To circumvent the problem and be able to use the older Glib version available on CentOS 7, I am applying the 
following patch: https://github.com/aferrero2707/gimp-appimage/blob/master/gimp-glib-splash.patch 
Is that OK?

As mentioned above, the automated build procedure is currently based on GitHub/TravisCI.
However, I am ready to move the scripts to some other CI system if you prefer…


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