Re: [Gimp-developer] ANNOUNCE: GIMP 2.10.0-RC2 released

On Wed, Apr 18, 2018 at 01:26:19AM +0200, Michael Natterer wrote:

We just released the second release candidate on the way
to the final GIMP 2.10.0 release.

This is (still!) an unstable development release and might
crash or do whatever. If you try it for work, please save
your images more often.

I had hoped to install this in a fresh all-from-source LFS/BLFS
build (RC1 on a different machine worked, but a separate plugin
rebooted the machine, which might well be a Ryzen problem) because I
know that my own script-fu script needs to be updated.  But to my
surprise it failed to build because pygtk-2.24.0 had no-longer
installed its headers.

So, my general view is that python is even more of a PITA that I had
assumed (pygtk-2.24.0 installed its headers in previous builds, and
for this build my pygtk script and my toolchain had not changed),
but does anybody have any suggestions on this ?

Or maybe I should just give up, or else give up the snake (and swear
volubly at anyone who suggests that using python for scripts is
easier ;)

Meanwhile, congratulations to the developers, but I'm sorry that
I can't build/use this.

In my seventh decade astride this planet, and as my own cells degrade,
there are some things I cannot do now: skydiving, marathon running,
calculus. I couldn't do them in my 20s either, so no big loss.
            -- Derek Smalls, formerly of Spinal Tap

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