[Gimp-developer] Brushes of GIMPressionist are tend to drown a lot on the edges.


I want to make seamless tileable texture by using GIMPressionist.

but there is a problem.


Brushes of GIMPressionist are tend to be drown a lot on the rim.


above is the image after applying GIMPressionist with below option.
[Paint edges, Tileable]


and if I tile the image, the dense part is more noticeable


*Things I tried to do*

1. finding solutiong : I tried to find the solution about this but maybe no
one mentioned about this.

2. evenly distributed : The result is same even if I select the 'evenly
distributed' in placement option.

3. Make Seamless filter : this option make the part of image blurry. I
don't want that.

4. Paint edges : if I uncheck Paint edges, the white margin appear on the

if I missed something, how can I create seamless tileable texture?


can GIMP have the option in new version to reduce the density of the rim?

Thank you


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