Re: [Gimp-developer] Please migrate to GitHub/CMake

Von: "gregory grey" <ror6ax gmail com>

In my experience "ain't broke" is a standard mantra of organizations
stuck in the past.

GNOME *is* currently pondering to move to a different infrastructure - in particular to get issue tracking, 
revision management and continuous integrate more integrated.

More details available here:

@ All, since we are having this conversation, one thing I always wanted to ask.
Why do you spend your time on filters. I mean, you as a team spend
month(at least this is my impression from backlogs) on fixing, porting
them, etc, etc.
I can't recall I time I've ever used anything except Sharpen/Blur.

I mean, why carry the load of all the "Van Gogh"s and "Ripple"s

Um... not that many changes there...

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