Re: [Gimp-developer] Please migrate to GitHub/CMake

On Sun, May 7, 2017 at 3:54 PM, gregory grey wrote:

Now, a person says "I'd like to suggest" and your reply is basically
"f*** off".

It's an interesting way to interpret a simple 'no'.

Turning tables much? You should interpret the number of developers on
the projects into reasons of it being so.


Yes, our email communication needs to improve. However, do I really
need to bring up our private email exchange where I explained to you
that most dev conversations take place on IRC and that the difficult
topics on the list barely ever take off?

Apparently you are not too busy to participate in flame, but too busy
to see an email from potential contributor.

I do no make infrastructure decisions. Also, thank you for
acknowledging it's a flame. Next step is to acknowledge your
responsibility for it.

Last time I've used IRC was like 10 years ago. Another archaic tech
I(anyone else willing to participate) have to use because why exactly?

Because it works for us.

I'm not planning to work on GIMP any more, thank you very much.

That's OK. I'm sure you'll find your talent useful elsewhere.

About your 3 cases of not responding - it's not my problem. It's your
problem, as a maintainer of OSS.

Blaming is _exactly_ what was sorely missing on the list. Thank you.

Turning tables #2. You pointed to 3 times you did not get the answer
as a reason to dump Github idea.

You completely misunderstood my reasoning.

GitHub is full of developers who use Vi. Stuff like node-x11 is
actually written by dedicated Vi users, and I can think of a very few
things that are more hip than node.js.

How very mature.

who knows better than behaving like a jerk.

Name-calling was sorely missing on this list too. Again, thank you.

If you are done with that, what are, in your opinion, the actual
advantages of relying on GitHub other than it's full of hip people who
despise Vi?

Turning tables #3.

You know, issues, project boards, UI what does not require reloading a
page to see the update, etc,etc.

Why do you think any of that would make a huge difference for our
particular project? What actual programming/releasing experience with
GIMP do you have?


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