Re: [Gimp-developer] Please migrate to GitHub/CMake

On Sun, May 7, 2017 at 3:04 PM, gregory grey wrote:
It's not about Github necessarily, it's about the response tone etc.
You made a blog post, saying how small is the team and how much work you all do.
Now, a person says "I'd like to suggest" and your reply is basically
"f*** off".

It's an interesting way to interpret a simple 'no'.

I wrote 2 emails saying I can help with build infra, which
is listed as a need in YOUR blog post. I got no reply.

Yes, our email communication needs to improve. However, do I really
need to bring up our private email exchange where I explained to you
that most dev conversations take place on IRC and that the difficult
topics on the list barely ever take off?

About your 3 cases of not responding - it's not my problem. It's your
problem, as a maintainer of OSS.

Blaming is _exactly_ what was sorely missing on the list. Thank you.

If you seriously imply that Github is not more useful as a service
than, than I'm safe in betting you are writing code in
vi or something.

GitHub is full of developers who use Vi. Stuff like node-x11 is
actually written by dedicated Vi users, and I can think of a very few
things that are more hip than node.js.

Personally, whenever I actually open a source code file (which is
maybe once or twice a year), I do it in Sublime Text.

What's your _actual_ point? Do you have one?

Every time something like this comes up there is always tha same
mantra about GIMP being so unique and unimaginably cool piece of
software that it grants you the right to do whatever you want. You
know, emulating Linus only works if you wrote Linux. There is plethora
of other image editors, I can't see why I should not help someone else

Nor can I.

who knows better than behaving like a jerk.

Name-calling was sorely missing on this list too. Again, thank you.

If you are done with that, what are, in your opinion, the actual
advantages of relying on GitHub other than it's full of hip people who
despise Vi?


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