Re: [Gimp-developer] Layer modes: Add vivid light blend mode?

On second reading, the previous description is not that clear on how
to use it. (unless you have read the unsharp mask script)

You have an image with a slight radial or zoom blur or motion blur
(the photographer tried to be creative) .
You duplicate the layer.
You measure and run the same exact blur again on the duplicated layer!
Say the radial blur is about 10 degrees. You run the radial blur at 10
degrees. In the same direction as the original!

Then you switch the layer mode to "Opposite". Voila! if you measured
right, the zoom/motion blur is reduced significantly!

For color effects it works as well, like for "add punch" from
FxFoundary color effects,it removes the punch, etc.

For other kinds of effects, it gives various interesting results - for
edge detect - instant painting/cartoon like effect :)

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