[Gimp-developer] Layer modes: Add vivid light blend mode?

SORRY: Subject was missing in first mail

Dear all,

thanks for all the work being put in developing GIMP 2.10. The
development will be a huge step for GIMP especially 16bit and color
management. I'm using mostly the latest git version compiled via
MacPorts on macOS.

I saw in GIT that you are working on the layer modes (linear vs gamma
etc) currently. For some key adjustments that I do, I use the vivid
light layer mode, which is only available via calling GMIC at the
moment. Would it be hard to implement it also in core GIMP (GMIC seems
to have an implementation)? I can't really judge the effort, but I think
that would be great for other users as well that use this mode based on
their history with PS and other tools.

Basic descriptions are here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blend_modes
(under dodge and burn)


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