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On Sun, May 1, 2016 at 10:01 AM, Petteri Soininen <pesoini gmail com> wrote:
Instructions to build Gimp 64bit with Windows/MSYS2/mingw64 seem quite
outdated when trying to build 2.9.x.
I have struggled and learned much about the build process and probably could
make an updated document "Howto"
I still struggle with Python support and I haven't been able to completely
make python work as it seems to be a weird combination of 64/32bit libraries
and no good documentation anywhere and just states that python
support should be just disabled.
That is a 'no go' in my opinion as many plugins rely heavily on python and
I'd like to make it easier for beginners, who use Windows, to compile builds
and possibly contribute on testing and development.
I'm quite a n00b myself, but a fast learner. So if anyone could give me some
pointers on how to make python plugins work with newer builds, I'd
appreciate it very much and I'll try to make updated instructions for others
to use.

The fact is that there are no reccurent Windows developer in the team.
Like even though we may have patches from time to time, nobody from
the Windows world seems to be here to stay. For myself, I am one of
the rare one who will do sometimes a patch for GIMP on Windows (and
really out of sympathy since I myself don't use Windows and haven't
really for years and years!). But when I do, I cross-build GIMP on
Linux and test it in a Windows VM. I don't build it on Windows

So it does not surprise me that the instructions to build GIMP on
Windows are quite bad. Few people ever do this and I'm not sure when
this may have been last updated.
If you have fixes to do to the howto, you are welcome to propose them,
and we could update the wiki. If you manage to do this, you will
probably know more on the topic than most of us. Also if you are a
Windows developer, you would be more than welcome to contribute
patches and improve GIMP on Windows. I would propose that you come and
hang out on IRC, and that you check out the bugtracker to propose
patches. :-)


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