[Gimp-developer] Windows builds using MSYS2

Instructions to build Gimp 64bit with Windows/MSYS2/mingw64 seem quite outdated when trying to build 2.9.x. I have struggled and learned much about the build process and probably could make an updated document "Howto" I still struggle with Python support and I haven't been able to completely make python work as it seems to be a weird combination of 64/32bit libraries and no good documentation anywhere and http://wiki.gimp.org/wiki/Hacking:Building/Windows just states that python support should be just disabled. That is a 'no go' in my opinion as many plugins rely heavily on python and I'd like to make it easier for beginners, who use Windows, to compile builds and possibly contribute on testing and development. I'm quite a n00b myself, but a fast learner. So if anyone could give me some pointers on how to make python plugins work with newer builds, I'd appreciate it very much and I'll try to make updated instructions for others to use.

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