Re: [Gimp-developer] Building and Compiling gimp under Windows

Hi Hashem,

You always can edit the code in Eclipse or NetBeans or another IDE but
compile it
according the instructions on

I would recommend you using Linux to hack gimp. It just not practical to do
all of this building
process again and again. You can for example edit the code on windows and
debug it on
Linux. When you done, compile it for Windows.  By the way, both Eclipse and
NetBeans are
working fine on Linux.

For the other questions about customizing gimp,all of these things are pure
mostly C. Gimp's code it mostly very readable (for an 20 years old project, at
you should be able to understand it after some time.

Have a nice day,

On Thu, Jun 30, 2016 at 9:10 PM Hashem Zavvari <hashemzawary gmail com>

Hi gimp masters,

I'm new in hacking the gimp. I spend a couple of days to get detail
information about modifying gimp program and customizing it as windows
application for my project, since it is a great and useful open source
image manipulation ever.
I googleing and wiki.gimp to begin this job, but I don't see any proper
detail guidance and enough resources for hacking. Purpose is hacking by my
experiences and tools in hand:
My OS is: Windows 10 x64
expert in: Visual studio, dot net, C#, WPF and so on (obviously I can't
hacking gimp under VS).
familiar with: C, C++, Java
don't know about gegl, gtk+, babl and so on.
First problem correct load and successful build gimp-master source from git
in local under eclipse-cpp-kepler-SR2-win32-x86_64 or NetBeans.IDE.8.1,
while I use cygwin 2.874 for them.
Second, after build and compile how to get port it for Windows and create a
install file, do I use the IDEs still for this? how to modifying and
customizing gimp environment it's UI or create the other tools for my gimp?

I appreciate for any detail and step by step help to do this purpose.
Thanks in advanced.

Hashem Zavvari, BSc SWE.
Present, MSc SWE student at Research & Science branch of IAU.
Islamic Republic of Iran, Mashhad.
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