Re: [Gimp-developer] New Image/Color Management option

El sáb, 04-06-2016 a las 11:04 +0200, Simon Budig escribió:
I don't understand your line of reasoning. Did you realize, that
has literally spent months to make color management actually work in
Gimp - i.e. cut'n'paste between images with different color profiles
attached, color managed color selectors etc. pp.

And now all this work is jeopardized, because he made a preferences
option to disable this stuff a little bit more visible? And we seem
have troubles in finding a correct way to describe what this toggle
button does?

If this is your line of reasoning, then, sir, your priorities are
messed up.

I couldn't care less about what the toogle does.
It's secondary. The problem here is the motivation for including such
No serious imager would think about turning CM off. Introducing that
toggle is producing a feature that is not needed by the supposed
audience of the tool.

And it's not only that. What resulted from this discussion is even more
concerning. Like this claim for instance:

"And then we have this "even without a profile, pixels have some
meaning. And in GIMP, the default meaning is sRGB."

That's absolutely wrong. Without a colorspace definition, pixels ARE
RGB is just 3 colored lights. The value of an RGB pixel is only light
intensity (from no intensity to max) and has no information whatsoever
about the color of each primary.

In GIMP the default meaning is sRGB because it was decided that RGB
means sRGB. So when CM is off you're not treating those pixels as
pixels, you're treating them as sRGB.
Because of GEGL, GIMP expect them to be sRGB. So CM converts them to
sRGB anyway, no CM treats them as sRGB anyway.

That's what Elle has been fighting against for a long time, and that's
still the problem.

The CM or no-CM discussion only uncovers this issue once again.
GIMP 2.9 is still a sRGB editor, assuming sRGB everywhere.
Again, GIMP provides something that is enough for the wrong audience,
but clearly inadequate and insufficient for the supposedly intended


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