Re: [Gimp-developer] Toolbar For Common Actions

On 25 January 2016 at 15:14, Sven Claussner <scl gplus gmail com> wrote:
On 25.01.16 at 8:23 PM Sven Claussner wrote

I'm not sure whether this idea would make it to the roadmap.

A discussion in our IRC channel #gimp clarified that this is
very probably not going to happen.
In 2008 we already had such a discussion and our former
user interaction architect voted against it, see

For the time being I suggest the keyboard shortcut solution as mentioned
above. Here you find keys and mouse quick references to memorize the

So, this is our solution.




Thanks for the clarification.

It is a shame that it couldn't be added as an option in the preferences though.
You could ship with a good set of defaults with optimum vertical
space, then people could have the option of adding it if they so

Or, as mentioned it could just be another toolbar on the sides.

Anyway, just my 2 cents. I'll try to memorize the shortcuts for now.

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