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I’m not sure to understand what you mean by "if these could save to high-bit-depth XCF directly, that would 
be even nicer”, but what I can say is that photoflow works as a “native” plug-in, in the sense that it does 
not call an external program, and it copies the output into the GEGL buffer of a newly created GIMPO image.

The code is very similar to UFraw in this respect, except that the image data is passed in 32-bits floating 
point format.

Hope this helps.

On 28 Apr 2016, at 19:09, Ofnuts <ofnuts gmx com> wrote:

On 28/04/16 12:31, Elle Stone wrote:
On 04/27/2016 12:11 PM, Elle Stone wrote:

Hmm, now that I have darktable properly installed using Lua, and GIMP
opening 32f raw files processed with darktable, I can't figure out how
to open a raw file from GIMP using the PhotoFlow plug-in.

What's the procedure for bypassing the darktable plug-in to use a
different GIMP raw plug-in?

Uninstalling darktable does allow the user to use the PhotoFlow raw plug-in. But this doesn't seem like a 
very user-friendly way to proceed. Also, it only seems to work if GIMP is recompiled and reinstalled 
*after* darktable has been uninstalled. Or at least delete the config folder, or whatever file in the 
config folder holds information about the raw plug-ins.

So is there some place in the GIMP UI - that so far I haven't been able to find - to choose which raw 
plug-in to use?

If not, are there plans to add a way in the GIMP UI for users to choose which raw plug-in to use?

Perhaps the best solution is to use the stand-alone version of the plugins. Of course, if these could save 
to high-bit-depth XCF directly, that would be even nicer.
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