Re: [Gimp-developer] [darktable-dev] Darktable plug-in in GIMP - Darktable for Windows?

On 04/24/2016 09:54 AM, Elle Stone wrote:
On Wed, Apr 20, 2016 at 6:46 AM, Sven Claussner <scl gplus gmail com>

sorry if I'm asking the wrong question but I feel I have to.
Since 18.04.2016 there is a raw importer plug-in in GIMP master
that calls darktable to do its job. With the same commit
the GEGL NEF importer was disabled which is a quite clear sign
of the devs' preferences.

What has led to this decision?
Did anybody compare the various ways to import raw files
into GIMP (GEGL, darktable, ufraw, photoflow etc.)?

Darktable is a very good raw processor, but it's not everyone's
preferred raw processor. For example I use PhotoFlow for processing raw
files. PhotoFlow has a GIMP plug-in that works under Linux and Windows
and I think also Mac.

I was a little concerned to see the darktable-specific code appear in
GIMP master. But after installing the PhotoFlow plug-in in a "default"
copy of GIMP from git and trying to open a raw file, GIMP did bypass
darktable and allow PhotoFlow to open the raw file. So it looks like
GIMP users do have a choice of which raw processor to use when opening a
raw file from within GIMP. Hopefully this will always be the case.

Hmm, now that I have darktable properly installed using Lua, and GIMP opening 32f raw files processed with darktable, I can't figure out how to open a raw file from GIMP using the PhotoFlow plug-in.

What's the procedure for bypassing the darktable plug-in to use a different GIMP raw plug-in?


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