[Gimp-developer] Introducing the PhotoFlow GIMP plug-in

Since a little while there is one more RAW loading plug-in available for GIMP, based on the PhotoFlow editor 
source code (http://photoflowblog.blogspot.com/ <http://photoflowblog.blogspot.com/>)

The plug-in works pretty much like UFraw, meaning that it gets called when GIMP tries to open a RAW file, and 
after the processing it writes back the image data into the GEGL buffer of a newly created GIMP image. 
However, the available functionalities are more complete than UFraw, and it also takes full advantage of GIMP 
2.9 high bit depth capabilities by sending the image data in 32 bits floating point format. 

The PhF plug-in is already available as pre-compiled package for Ubuntu and derivatives though Thorsten 
Stettin gimp-edge PPA, and also included in the latest Windows and OSX GIMP 2.9 installers from Partha. 

Of course it can also be compiled from sources, in which case it is recommended to use the “stable” branch of 
the GitHub repository (https://github.com/aferrero2707/PhotoFlow/tree/stable 

Presently I am working on improving the GIMP-PhF inter-operability. In the current version of the plug-in, 
not only the image data is sent to GIMP when the plug-in is closed, but also the RAW processing 
configuration. This configuration is stored as meta-data attached to the background layer created by the 
plug-in itself. Also, this meta-data gets stored in the XCF file when you save it to disk. 

The PhF plug-in can be executed again on the same background layer, through the Filters->Photoflow... menu 
shortcut. When you do so, instead of processing the layer itself, the plug-in opens again the RAW file and 
applies again the processing parameters as stored in the layer meta-data. The RAW processing can thus be 
further tweaked and saved back again in the same background layer. 

This functionality is currently only available when compiling the "stable" GIT branch from sources, and is 
not yet included in the pre-compiled packages. 

The goal is to provide a inter-operability between GIMP and PhF that somewhat resembles the one between 
PhotoShop and Lightroom... 

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!

Best regards,

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