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On 05/29/2015 07:51 PM, Hanno Böck wrote:

I'm not a GIMP dev or involved in any way, but a quick comment from me.

One obvious thing: The easier you make it to find the legitimate / real
download the less likely people will look for it elsewhere.

Now let's assume I'm a windows user, not super skilled, but I heared
that GIMP is a good graphics tool and I want to get it.

Right now if I go to the gimp webpage I see a big download button. That
looks good.
However then it gets murky. I get to a download page that will offer me
a bunch of stuff I don't need and don't understand.

(the mail thread gets constructive beyond the first post).

In this thread, there is work on proposal for the downloads pages that
makes both the torrent link and the direct link (to e.g. the Windows
.exe file) more obvious. The reason for emphasizing the torrent file
over the direct link was to spread knowledge of BitTorrent and put less
load on our server, but having both as equals should work just as fine.

There has been another proposal on our #gimp IRC channel to make the
platform selection available again, I'm currently checking the status of

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