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Hi Elle. I may be one of the people you are looking for, Re: professional
Photoshop user who now does everything in GIMP. I'm at your service. Please
let me know how I can best help.
As an example, I have done luxury branding with GIMP and Inkscape that was
very well received at the CeBit convention in Hanover, earlier this month.
The website is, and I shot the models and scenes for
this separately myself, then edited them together in GIMP to look photo
realistic. I can provide full resolution shots if needed. All the product
shots are mine too, and done with GIMP. I would be happy to share my
various workflows with you and the team, if that will help. Honestly, the
biggest things that slow me down are adding alpha changes to imported image
files, and the lack of the unified transform tool, which I am very much
looking forward to. I also find myself having to turn off the guidelines on
perspective transform, and hiding the layer to edit phone screens onto the
fake devices we have for product photo shoots. The layer dialogue doesn't
bother me, because just hitting the enter key does the last thing, and now
that I know the shift click trick it will be even faster.

Let me know how I can help.

On 29 Mar 2015 16:58, "Elle Stone" <ellestone ninedegreesbelow com> wrote:

On 03/28/2015 02:54 PM, Gez wrote:

But again, since not everyone uses GIMP the same way, it is impossible
to come up with something that makes everyone happy.
That's when a good interface designer should "design" the best possible
solution which of course won't make everyone happy but maybe will make
the target users of the program more productive.

Sure. I'm not claiming that everyone uses tools like GIMP the same way.
But I'm pretty sure that if there were some statistics about what people
need the most when creating a new layer it would be a transparent layer,
since it doesn't occlude the underlaying layers.

A lot of people make statements to the effect that "Most GIMP users do
this or that", but I've never seen anyone offer any supporting logical
justification or hard evidence.

What studies have been done to determine what GIMP's "high end" target
users really want in terms of useability?

The Krita devs went out and asked their target users: professional
artists and PhotoShop users who were looking to switch away from Adobe
products (
Krita got a lot more useable once the devs actually asked potential users
in the target group to try using Krita.

Libre graphics is coming up. Maybe the GIMP devs could find a couple of
would-be PhotoShop escapees who are advanced enough in their editing skills
to make full use of all that PhotoShop has to offer, and ask them to try
using GIMP. It would be nice if at least one such would-be PhotoShop
escapee produces what I will call "fine art photography" for lack of a
better word, and preferably someone who routinely edits in RGB working
spaces other than sRGB.
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