Re: [Gimp-developer] Create New Layer Button

On 03/28/2015 07:54 PM, Gez wrote:

I'm baffled to learn that the default used to be creating a new
transparent layer but it was changed back because people didn't find it,
pretty much the same way they are not finding that alt+click creates a
new transparent layer now.

It is Shift+Click, and it doesn't create a transparent layer, but one
with the default values or last values used in the dialog.

One (probably arguable) bug is there: the size is always reset to the
image size.

As mentioned on this thread already, there is an enhancement request to
make this consistent across all dialogs and menu entries.

Is it really a good idea to pop up in front of every user face a complex
dialog just because some other users are lazy enough to not read the
documentation, the tooltips or the status bar not even once?


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