Re: [Gimp-developer] Due diligence: Permission for usage of GIMP

On 6/21/2015 7:57 PM, Gez wrote:
I don't think that requires permission.
Using application screenshots is a fair use (as long as they don't
depict anything objectionable or illegal, I think). Linking back to the
official site is a good thing too, you're sending your users
to the place where the actual project lives and where its official docs
can be found.

As C R just said, I'm also curious about the details of your project.
Just out of curiosity :-)
I didn't think that it'd be a problem, however, companies can never be too careful. We are primarily a high performance computer hardware company. We're trying to push PC-BSD, in an effort to show that the BSDs aren't second or third class systems & can perform as well as any other system...or better! At this point, the Linux users have their venues for consumer hardware. The major players have experiemented with it & then there're companies like System 76 out there. Now, PC-BSD has a systems ally for consumer. Powerful enough for a system's admin, but comfortable enough for your parents!


Apollo D. Sharpe, Sr.
Iron Rook Computing, LLC

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