Re: [Gimp-developer] Due diligence: Permission for usage of GIMP

On 6/21/2015 3:42 PM, Gez wrote:
Apollo: The license of GIMP (GPL) allows you to use GIMP for any purpose, so if your question is regarding usage of GIMP, you have absolutely no restrictions about how to use it and you don't have to ask permission to use it. The only restriction that applies is regarding code: as you have the source code of GIMP available and you're free to study it and even modify it, if your make your own modifications and plan to redistribute them you're obligued to distribute the modified code along with the executable. If you're not planning to make any modifications to the code, you don't have to worry or ask for permission. Gez

Thank you for your reply. My question isn't really about using the actual program itself or anything dealing with the code. My question really is about permission to use screenshots from the program, linking back to your homepage, & linking back to your help page assets. I'm asking for permission to reference your web assets from our website.


Apollo D. Sharpe, Sr.
Iron Rook Computing, LLC

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