[Gimp-developer] Due diligence: Permission for usage of GIMP


I'm not sure who to exactly send this to, but I represent Iron Rook Computing, LLC. In the coming months, we will be releasing a product that utilizes some of your software. As due diligence, I must officially ask for permission to mention the usage of your software, link to your websites, and use images that show your software in action. We would use these permissions in the following ways:

 * In our promotional material (written, digital, or otherwise)
 * In our customer support & troubleshooting systems
 * In any instance which such usage would be required to help users
   accomplish their task
 * In any instance which such usage would be required for our employees
   to their task

It's unfortunate that these things have to be done, sometimes, to cover our tails. I'm not sure who's actually in charge, so I'd appreciate you're help in getting over this hurdle.


Apollo D. Sharpe, Sr.
Iron Rook Computing, LLC

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