Re: [Gimp-developer] Due diligence: Permission for usage of GIMP

Do we presently have a press-kit or branding repository for GIMP? If not, I
suggest we make one for this purpose.

I have some materials I've made over the years and would be happy to
include those in it for public use in publicity campaigns like the one our
friend here is running.

For example, I made a vector version of the latest GIMP logo, and a 3D
software box.

The alternative is to have people google image search and scrounge up
whatever they can find (and they might find the wrong thing, like the
developer wiki Wilbur with the helmet).
I say, let's provide them with a set of high quality materials for GIMP
publicity campaigns.

On 22 Jun 2015 1:59 am, "Gez" <listas ohweb com ar> wrote:

El dom, 21-06-2015 a las 16:29 -0500, Apollo D. Sharpe, Sr. escribió:


Thank you for your reply. My question isn't really about using the
actual program itself or anything dealing with the code. My question
really is about permission to use screenshots from the program,
back to your homepage, & linking back to your help page assets. I'm
asking for permission to reference your web assets from our website.

I don't think that requires permission.
Using application screenshots is a fair use (as long as they don't
depict anything objectionable or illegal, I think). Linking back to the
official site is a good thing too, you're sending your users
to the place where the actual project lives and where its official docs
can be found.

As C R just said, I'm also curious about the details of your project.
Just out of curiosity :-)

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