Re: [Gimp-developer] Gimp Texttool Native Language

Regarding Chinese:

I tested Pinyin (stupid machine can't do Cantonese, bah) and it sort of works. You start typing Pinyin and the suggestions window pops up and displays the different suggestions and inserts them correctly.

What does not work well is the alignment. In other programs (again, tested Firefox and LibreOffice), the OS places the suggestions window near the cursor and moves the window along as you type. It cannot be manually repositioned (as far as I can tell).

In Gimp, the window appears, as do suggestions and they are inserted correctly. However, it insists on placing the suggestions window in the bottom left of the Gimp window and since I cannot reposition it (and would have to do so every time I type since it autocloses), it makes typing very annoying because my eyes have to keep jumping between the cursor area and the bottom left of the window.

It would seem that non-Latin script entry methods on OSX don't work well with Gimp in general.


28/09/2014 16:52, sgrìobh Jehan Pagès:
If even with this, that's still not working, but it's working
everywhere else, well maybe there is a broken support of input methods
for OSX in GTK+? Try another GTK+ app and check if you can write text
through an input method engine there.

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