Re: [Gimp-developer] Gimp Texttool Native Language

Ok, mystery solved, bug confirmed.

Kotoeri is the default IME on OSX for Japanese, it offers, amongst other things, Latin to Kana/Kanji conversion. This is what should happen: 1 Go to settings and add Japanese as a language, ensure that under input sources for kotoeri "Romaji" (i.e. Latin) is selected for typing method (unless you have a Japanese keyboard) 2 Open any program (I tested the Google search box in Firefox and LibreOffice) 3 Top right of screen, change the UK/US/whatever flag to Japanese (wil show a hiragan A)
4 Start typing. It should convert Romaji to Kana/Kanji automatically e.g.
shamisen > 三味線
sushi > すし
(for testing just pick any Japanese terms off wikipedia if you don't read Japanese)

In GIMP (Partha's build) the conversion does not work, it simply enters the Romaji i.e. Latin letters.


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