Re: [Gimp-developer] Gimp Texttool Native Language

28/09/2014 16:52, sgrìobh Jehan Pagès:

Ok so the problem was not that Partha did not know how to use an input
method to output Japanese, it was that he knew how, but that it worked
everywhere but in GIMP? That was not clear.
That was a little confused indeed but I can see how CJK typography is confusing for non-speakers
Partha, did you compile GTK+ yourself? If so, ensure that
--with-included-immodules=yes was set.
Note that reading the, it should normally be set by
default (unless for instance you also --disable-modules). But well,
make it a clear configure option to be double sure.

If even with this, that's still not working, but it's working
everywhere else, well maybe there is a broken support of input methods
for OSX in GTK+? Try another GTK+ app and check if you can write text
through an input method engine there.
Just a minor addendum: I grabbed the file (which still has the problem with the UI language menu by the way) and installed that and gave it a bash. It marginally works. I can type but no kana/kanji are shown while typing (the way it happens in other programs) - by fluke I discovered that by hitting Enter, it seems to insert to top suggestions (which is not visible of course). This isn't workable as there is no 1-1 correlation between Romaji and Kana/Kanji, a sequence like 'sushi' may be written in several ways (3 of which refer to the food and several others to unrelated concepts). So the suggestions must be visible 'live' or Kotoeri in combination with Gimp is unusable.

Do other scripts have a similar problem? I can give Chinese a bash but I don't know if Arabic etc have the same problem?


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