Re: [Gimp-developer] OSX

Simone, I hope this can convince you to not remove that code from GIMP?

well ...
we’re talking about two use cases: 

a) a user wants to use GIMP in some other language than OS X itself. 
b) a user wants to use GIMP in some language, that neither OS X supports, nor any other native (not from 
Linux ported) OS X application

In both cases, the App menu shows mixed languages: the primary one from System Preferences and the user 
selected one

well… I’m still not convinced.
Why? Every supported OS X language is automatically detected, if there’s a localization in GIMP. The current 
implementation mixes languages. And I find it confusing to offer an application specific way to set 
localization because it’s one of the main concepts of OS X to have these settings in one central place, 
namely System Preferences, and that this system wide setting should be respected by all applications. And 
finally, the comandline still allows switching langugage in both builds, yours and mine: ‚LANG=your_locale 
open -a Gimp'

Anyway, I’m thinking about it …

P.S. Simone, are there are any other changes like this, ones that greatly alter how your build works 
compared to a non-modified one?

Well, that depends on what you mean by „greatly alters“. If it’s something like: it works, whereas the 
non-modified doesn’t, there are a few (very platform specific ones, indeed) and of course, there’s one 
right-out-of-hell-patch regarding the save/export behavior.

Here they are: working dock menus, standard OS X shortcuts for Hide, Hide others, Quit, Fullscreen, Print, 
Scanner support via Image capture, open location, locally installed help, preserving EXIF/IPTC when saving 
JPEG / TIFF, opening EPS,  and some minor tweaks (as completely got rid of Carbon in all libraries, using 
system provided Python, Gatekeeper code signing, QuickLook for xcf, and a lot of plugins, a typical Mac user 
can’t compile itself)


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