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17/09/2014 13:00, sgrìobh gimp-developer-list-request gnome org:
In both cases, the App menu shows mixed languages: the primary one from System Preferences and the user 
selected one

well? I?m still not convinced.
Why? Every supported OS X language is automatically detected, if there?s a localization in GIMP.
Jugding by the problems Parthia is having getting *German* to work on my version of Mavericks, I'm not even sure about that bit
The current implementation mixes languages.
GIMP mixes languages already, whichever OS/locale permutation you're one (except for English of course) since the brushes/textures are unlocalizable
And I find it confusing to offer an application specific way to set localization because it?s one of the main 
concepts of OS X to have these settings in one central place, namely System Preferences, and that this system 
wide setting should be respected by all applications.
Sorry, with all due respect, that is a shackle, not a feature for many locales and I suspect was implemented in OSX by monolingual speakers of English, French or German where l10n support is generally very good. Even bilingual speakers of larger languages do not like this aspect of OSX. It is arrogant beyond belief by an OS to assume it has the right to force a user into a particular linguistic behaviour.
And finally, the comandline still allows switching langugage in both builds, yours and mine: 
?LANG=your_locale open -a Gimp'
Sure, if you're a developer. But normal users don't mess with the command line. We have this issue with Freeciv and the few users who have tried have generally given up, it's just uber-geeky for most and fairly inconvenient.

Incidentally, that command does not work, at least not on my machine.


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