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Well, for those whose locales are supported, that still removes user control over the UI language. Not a good idea.

But the really big problem is for locales not supported by the OS, many medium to small locales fall into this category. If someone localizes GIMP into, for the sake of argument, Dyirbal (one of the bigger Australian languages), then they are stuffed unless the application offers a manual UI language selection because the OS certainly doesn't offer Dyirbal. In fact 95% of the world's 6000 languages are not supported as locales by most OS.

It's actually fairly common to have a UI language selection in applications but I can see why users of bigger languages might miss it if they rely on force-locale. VLC, WordPress, GCompris and Opera (the browser) have one for example, Firefox offers single-locale downloads i.e. you download a specific language build, LibreOffice has locale dmgs you can install manually for specific locales.

It's *particularly* bad on iOS (which isn't the issue here but just to illustrate) - although there ARE Gaelic localizations of Opera Mini and WordPress for iOS, users cannot access them because the apps do not offer such a manual choice and rely solely on force-locale.


15/09/2014 13:00, sgrìobh gimp-developer-list-request gnome org:
Indeed. It isn?t possible within GIMP but in System Preferences. As with all other native OS X applications. 
At least I don?t know about a native application having its own language selector.
>Simone Karin

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