Re: [Gimp-developer] Question about 2.8.11

11/03/2014 14:12, sgrìobh Michael Natterer:
Odd micro version are git versions, there is no release with .11 Even micro versions are tarball releases, the next one will be 2.8.12
Mmmm I'm mainly a localizer, I have to admit I didn't understood most of that but .11 was just me working off the current version being .10, if it's going to be another number, I really don't mind, it's the locale release I'm after not a specific number ;)
In the next couple of weeks, if I find the time/motivation to
make a release. If you are on Windows, you can always use
That would be great but yes, I understand the time/motivation constraints we're all under
the nightly builds from
I know about those, thanks, it's just that I know the moment word gets out people will start looking - and misquoting. Just had that two days ago when I posted about an *upcoming* release and within 3 reposts on Facebook it had become a "released game". And then I'm answering questions along the lines of "where is it" >.<

So I tend to wait until there's a proper release. But yes, hand for demos.



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