Re: [Gimp-developer] [GUI] Scrollbars for Script-Fu dialogs


today a contributor addressed the problem of the
missing possibility for scrollbars in Script-Fu
dialogs, see [bug 725432].
He (or she) thankfully offers a patch.

 From my point of view the problem lies deeper:
if a dialog needs such a scrollbar it is very
probably overloaded and not enough user friendly.

Well, it depends on the resolution of your screen and the theme you are
using. For those of us who use large font themes, a script doesn't have to
to be one that's considered "overloaded" to need scrollbars. What one
person considers "overloaded", someone else might consider to be perfect
for the task.

As it stands now, I feel extremely constrained by the limitations of the
script-fu dialog. It's almost like I'm literally trapped inside a little
box. ;)

I'm thinking of these solutions:
A) Reduce the number of elements in these dialogs.

As a Script-Fu developer, this is not really an option. There are times
when I can't get rid of any input fields and still provide the
functionality and flexibility needed to create a great script.

B) Use tabbed dialogs to organize these elements

This would be a nice option to have. However, at times, scrollbars is
actually a better solution, say for those last two checkboxes that run off
the screen. Adding the option to display scrollbars, only when needed,
requires very little extra code in the interface, while maintaining
existing features like drag & drop, without introducing undo complexity in
the SF-Interface.

Perhaps better solutions can still be found.

How do you think can we solve this?

Kind regards,


[bug 725432]
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