Re: [Gimp-developer] [GUI] Scrollbars for Script-Fu dialogs

I would point out a couple of issues that still exist with GnuTux's
modification in hopes of improving it further.

Firstly, Windows users have reported that the dialog created is obscured
by the taskbar when that taskbar 1) runs along the bottom of the screen
and 2) is not auto-hiding. If there are any Windows programmers who know
how to rectify this, it would make the patch better behaved on those

I agree. If there was something I could do to compensate for this
deficiency in Window's, it would be nice. In Linux, when the size of
(sf_interface->table) is larger that the screen size and I set the dialog
to that size, GTK keeps the dialog above/below panels/taskbars and
displays scrollbars. In windows, the size of the taskbar is ignored and
the full screensize is used, so the dialog falls behind the taskbar. The
workarounds I've seen to compensate for this are pretty messy hacks.
Perhaps this is an issue with Window's implementation of GTK and should be
corrected there.

Even with this deficiency, Windows users are happy with this modification.
In the event this does occur, they can easily resize the dialog to get to
the input fields that were previously off screen and inaccessible.

Secondly, with the patch applied, resizing of the Script-fu dialog results
in the widgets within the scrollable window to be scaled. Normally such
window resizing of a Script-fu dialog results in the widgets being scaled
horizontally, but not vertically (additional empty space is inserted into
the dialog). If possible, the patch should be amended to restore original
behavior with regard to dialog window resizing.

As you say, by default, vertically increasing the size of dialog results
in some of the the widgets (with graphical elements) being scaled up. With
the old behavior, vertically increasing the size of dialog would just add
a bunch of white space between the input fields and the progress bar,
which is not at all useful. While neither of these options are that
useful, at least with scaling, you can make some of the items a little
larger and easier to see. For that reason, I actually find the current
behavior slightly preferable.

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