Re: [Gimp-developer] [GUI] Scrollbars for Script-Fu dialogs

scl wrote:

today a contributor addressed the problem of the
missing possibility for scrollbars in Script-Fu
dialogs, see [bug 725432].
He (or she) thankfully offers a patch.

From my point of view the problem lies deeper:
if a dialog needs such a scrollbar it is very
probably overloaded and not enough user friendly.

yes, in general dialogs do not scroll (unless it is good
for usability, hèhè); content can scroll in dialogs.

I'm thinking of these solutions:
A) Reduce the number of elements in these dialogs.
B) Use tabbed dialogs to organize these elements
Perhaps better solutions can still be found.

How do you think can we solve this?

well, as I understand it the big picture is that the
script writer puts together the dialog, i.e. is a
third party developer.

at that point GIMP can offer:

1) building blocks to reduce what needs to be shown at once
 (tabs, expander sections) or vertically (multi-column)
2) tutorials and style guides for script writers how to
 use less fields in dialogs, and how to use the things from 1)


        founder + principal interaction architect
            man + machine interface works on interaction architecture

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