Re: [Gimp-developer] Kickstarter

25.02.2014 21:19, Bill Skaggs пишет:
I understand what a history brush is, and it wouldn't be incredibly hard to
implement -- it basically is a clone tool that takes its source from a
point in the undo history.  But $30 is not motivating.  Perhaps $1000 would
be motivating.  This could also make a good GSOC project, if somebody was
willing to mentor it.


I understand, 30$ it is not so much. The idea is to collect money from
many people, not from one. I'm not so rich to finance full 1000$.

If you ready to do that for 1000$, maybe you can set this as goal for
this issue on its bountysource page? There is text field "I'd solve this

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