[Gimp-developer] GUI/Interaction Design

Hi everybody,

I just wanted to publically announce that Peter Sikking (IRC
guiguru/guihipster) is back on the project.

Without going into details on how and why the cooperation has been
difficult/stalled for quite a time, I think it's justified so make
a few things clear, in order to avoid future trouble:

- Most things will be like before
- Peter is our interaction architect and has the say on whether a GUI is good
  enough for GIMP
- This does *not* mean that he will just decide and things have to be developed
- Everything can and will be discussed
- Things happen iteratively, no design/interaction idea and no code idea is
  right or final on first try, if we keep that in mind, nobody has to panic
- We will implement GUI things by consensus, where interaction design and
  development present their ideas to each other and *talk*
- I mean *talk*, not playing piss games, everybody just behave reasonably and
  listen to each other and all will be fine

That's mostly it, I'm looking forward to getting some great GUI stuff done,
instead of just guessing what might be right for our users.


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