Re: [Gimp-developer] GIMP and wmii


The symptoms are the following. Right after the splash screen
disappears, the main window is displayed maximised. The next window to
appear, the layers toolbox, becomes maximised too, while main window
collapses to the title. Next, one more toolbox appears, becomes
maximised as well, simultaneously collapsing others to titlebars.
Right then, the toolbox which appeared last, disappears, revealing
the layers toolbox, which then disappears as well. The main window
stays. Then sequence is repeated: layers toolbox appears, tools
appear, disappear, layers disappear. This continues few times very
quickly, and then stops, and no toolboxes are shown. Whenever I try
to make them appear again, this repeats. I have a short video of the
process, but I couldn't manage to record it with proper frame rate,
so it doesn't look exactly as it is; however, if needed I may publish

I wonder, how to understand the silence — is it that nobody knows where
to look at, or that nobody is willing to cooperate? I don't ask to
solve the issue, I just ask to direct me so I could try to fix it

WBR, Andrew

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