Re: [Gimp-developer] GIMP and wmii

On Mon, 2013-03-18 at 23:30 +0100, Andrew Shadura wrote:

I'm investigating an issue with running GIMP later than 2.6 under wmii
window manager. The issue occurs when GIMP is being run in the stacked
tiling mode, when inactive windows are collapsed to their titlebars
only, and the active one is maximised to the rest of the column (see
here, for example:

If there's a GIMP visible in that screenshot I'm afraid it's not obvious
to me.

It might be from your prose that running gimp in "single window mode"
would address your problems, but I'm not certain, never having come
across wmii before (is it related to wm2? doesn't look like it).

You might want to experiment with the settings for Window Mangement in
Edit/Preferences (some or all of these might only be available in
development builds of GIMP, I'm not sure).

P.S. We've also tried to debug the issue from the WM side; the author
said it doesn't seem like a problem in the WM but in GIMP. I also think
that's the case; also, this problem didn't exist in 2.6 and previous
versions, so obviously something's changed in GIMP code right after.

I take it that this is in some sort of GNU/Linux operating environment
and that you're using the GIMP 2.6 from the Linux distribution's package
manager. If so, please let us know *exactly* which versions of GIMP you
tried and exactly where you got them, along with the wmii version, the
Linux distribution, and the version.

P.P.S. Please Cc: me when replying, I'm not subscribed to the list.
You might want to subscribe for a few days, or, alternatively, report
this using the GIMP bug reporting system (Bugzilla), being careful to
state expected and actual behaviour and versions of everything that
might be relevant.

The primary testing platform for GIMP 2.6 was Debian GNU/Linux with
GNOME 2. Are you running gnome-session and using wmii as your GNOME
Window Manager?


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