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I'm investigating an issue with running GIMP later than 2.6 under wmii
window manager. The issue occurs when GIMP is being run in the stacked
tiling mode, when inactive windows are collapsed to their titlebars
only, and the active one is maximised to the rest of the column (see
here, for example: http://img132.imageshack.us/img132/9492/nntex.png).

The symptoms are the following. Right after the splash screen
disappears, the main window is displayed maximised. The next window to
appear, the layers toolbox, becomes maximised too, while main window
collapses to the title. Next, one more toolbox appears, becomes
maximised as well, simultaneously collapsing others to titlebars. Right
then, the toolbox which appeared last, disappears, revealing the layers
toolbox, which then disappears as well. The main window stays. Then
sequence is repeated: layers toolbox appears, tools appear, disappear,
layers disappear. This continues few times very quickly, and then
stops, and no toolboxes are shown. Whenever I try to make them appear
again, this repeats. I have a short video of the process, but I
couldn't manage to record it with proper frame rate, so it doesn't look
exactly as it is; however, if needed I may publish it.

If I switch to the different layout, when the vertical space is divided
between windows, this doesn't happen.

It seems to me that toolboxes request some fixed size which is much
smaller than the screen size, and when they become maximised, this size
is later rejected by toolbox management code, so it tries to re-create
window once more. I tried to find a place in the code I could try to
debug, and, as I'm still not familiar with the code, I don't know yet
where to do that. I'd be glad if someone could direct me into the right

P.S. We've also tried to debug the issue from the WM side; the author
said it doesn't seem like a problem in the WM but in GIMP. I also think
that's the case; also, this problem didn't exist in 2.6 and previous
versions, so obviously something's changed in GIMP code right after.

P.P.S. Please Cc: me when replying, I'm not subscribed to the list.

WBR, Andrew

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